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            Laser Cutting Machine, Laser Engraving Machine, Galvo Laser Machine - Golden Laser

            Independent Dual Head Camera Laser Cutting Machine

            Model No.: QZDXBJGHY-160100LDII


            • Two heads work independently, high processing efficiency.
            • Using HD camera, high recognition accuracy.
            • Cutting by directly contour capturing.
            • Supporting manual adjusting through software to solve the problem of material distortion.
            • Automatic feeder option to realize continuous processing.

            A powerful and versatile laser cutting system with camera for contour cut


            Perfectly combines the independent dual head cutting system with the smart vision system

            Further optimizes the requirements for graphics processing and mixed nesting, which solves the problem of low cutting efficiency caused by mixed nesting graphics.

            Independent Dual Head Cutting System:

            Double heads cut different patterns independently, and the software can assign the nested jobs to each head to achieve high efficiency.

            Smart Vision Camera System:

            The laser machine is equipped with powerful Smart Vision Software and SLR Camera System.

            HD Camera is mounted on the top of the laser cutter machine.?After the material is fed to the laser cutting table, the camera takes a photo of the printed pattern at once in the entire work area at one time. The software automatically creates a file according to the shape and size of the pattern, and then the laser heads cut precisely along the outline of the pattern.??It only takes 10 seconds to take pictures and create files.

            Besides for the outline contour detection, you can also use templates for high precision cutting. And the camera has the function as “photo digitize”.


            Main Technical Specifications of the QZDXBJGHY160100LDII Smart Vision Laser Cutter
            Working area (W×L) 1600mm×1000mm (63”×39.3”)
            Laser power 80W / 130W / 150W
            Laser source CO2 glass laser
            Working table Conveyor working table
            Mechanical control system Belt transmission & Servo motor drive
            Cutting speed 1~400mm/s
            Acceleration speed 1000~4000mm/s2


            Highlights of the Smart Vision Dual Head Laser Cutting System
            independent dual heads_icon

            Independent Dual Heads

            For the basic two laser heads cutting machine, the two laser heads are mounted in the same gantry, so they can only be used for the same patterns cutting. While for dye sublimation products, there are always many different types of print pieces, big pieces, or small pieces, all the pieces are different such as jerseys front, back, sleeves. The independent dual heads can cut different designs at the same time; so, it increases the cutting efficiency and production flexibility at the largest degree. Output increase ranges from 30% to 50% depends on what you cut.

            contour detection_icon

            Outline Contour Detection

            The software detects the contour according to the big color difference between the printing outline and materials background. You do not have to use the original patterns or files; it is a fully automatic process without manual intervention. Detection of printed fabrics directly from rolls, without any preparation; and because the camera takes photos after the fabric is feeding to the cutting area, the precision will be very high.



            When you cut very high distortion materials or need super high precision for patches, logos, you can use the templates instead of contour cut; the process is the software load your original design templates, and then camera take a photo and compare with your templates, then cut exactly the same size you want to cut; and you can set offset distance according to your production requirements.

            photo digitize_icon

            Photo Digitize

            If you do not always design by yourself or do not have the designers in your workshop, you can also use this machine as a “photo digitize” system. For example, you can put a garment piece underneath the camera, you can use the camera to take a photo of the garment piece and save it as a pattern files in your PC; next time you can use this pattern as a design pattern.


            Application Industries of the Smart Vision Dual Head Laser Cutter Maachine

            Active wear, leggings, sportswear (cycling wear, hockey jerseys, baseball jerseys, basketball jerseys, soccer jerseys, volleyball jerseys, lacrosse jerseys, ringette jerseys), uniforms, swimwear, arm sleeves, leg sleeves, bandanna, headband, dye sublimation pillows, rally pennants, face cover, masks, Sublimation printed apparel, dye-sublimation products, digital printed graphics, flags, knitting vamp, mesh fabric sports shoe upper, toys, patches, etc.

            Demo Video

            Smart Vision Dual Heads Laser Cutting Machine for Sublimation Masks

            Technical Parameters

            Laser Type CO2 glass laser tube
            Laser Power 80W / 130W / 150W
            Working Area (W×L) 1600mm×1000mm (63”×39.3”)
            Maximum material width 1600mm (63”)
            Working table Conveyor working table
            Mechanical control system Belt transmission & Servo motor drive
            Cutting Speed 1-400mm/s
            Acceleration 1000-4000mm/s2
            Cooling System Constant temperature water chiller
            Software Goldenlaser Smart Vision Cutting System
            Power Supply AC220V ± 5% 50/60Hz
            Format Supported AI, BMP, PLT, DXF, DST

            Goldenlaser’s Full Range of Vision Laser Cutting Systems

            Ⅰ Smart Vision (Dual Head) Laser Cutting Series

            Model No. Working area
            QZDMJG-160100LD 1600mm×1000mm (63”×39.3”)
            QZDMJG-180100LD 1800mm×1000mm (70.8”×39.3”)
            QZDXBJGHY-160100LDII 1600mm×1000mm (63”×39.3”)

            Ⅱ High Speed Scan On-the-Fly Cutting Series

            Model No. Working area
            CJGV-160130LD 1600mm×1300mm (63”×51”)
            CJGV-190130LD 1900mm×1300mm (74.8”×51”)
            CJGV-160200LD 1600mm×2000mm (63”×78.7”)
            CJGV-210200LD 2100mm×2000mm (82.6”×78.7”)

            Ⅲ High Precision Cutting by Registration Marks

            Model No. Working area
            MZDJG-160100LD 1600mm×1000mm (63”×39.3”)

            Ⅳ Ultra-Large Format Laser Cutting Series

            Model No. Working area
            ZDJMCJG-320400LD 3200mm×4000mm (126”×157.4”)

            Ⅴ CCD Camera Laser Cutting Series

            Model No. Working area
            ZDJG-9050 900mm×500mm (35.4”×19.6”)
            ZDJG-3020LD 300mm×200mm (11.8”×7.8”)

            Smart vision laser cutting system can be applied to the following industries:

            - Digitally printed or dye-sublimated textile graphics

            -? Sportswear, Swimwear, cycling apparel, T Shirt, Polo shirt

            -? Warp fly knitting vamp, sport shoe upper

            -? Flags, toys

            -? Printed label, printed letter, number, logo

            -? Clothing embroidery patches, woven label, applique

            Please contact goldenlaser for more information. Your response of following questions will help us recommend the most suitable machine.

            1. What is your main processing requirement? Laser cutting or laser engraving (marking) or laser perforating?

            2. What material do you need to laser process?

            3. What is the size and thickness of the material?

            4. After laser processed, what will be the material used for? (application) / What is your final product?

            5.?Your company name, website, Email, Tel (WhatsApp…)?

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