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            Laser Cutting Machine, Laser Engraving Machine, Galvo Laser Machine - Golden Laser

            Laser Cutting of Automotive Airbags

            As part of the passive safety system, automotive airbags play a very important role in improving passenger safety. These various airbags require efficient and flexible processing solutions.

            Laser cutting has been widely used in the field of automotive interiors. Such as the cutting and marking of fabrics such as car carpets, car seats, car cushions, and car sunshades. Today, this flexible and efficient laser processing technology has been gradually applied to the cutting process of airbags.

            The laser cutting system significantly advantages compared with the mechanical die cutting system. First of all, the laser system does not use die tools, which not only saves the cost of the tooling itself, but also does not cause delays in the production plan due to die tools manufacturing.

            In addition, the mechanical die-cutting system also has many limitations, which stem from its characteristics of processing through the contact between the cutting tool and the material. Different from the contact processing method of mechanical die cutting, laser cutting is a non-contact processing and will not cause material deformation.

            Moreover, laser cutting of airbag cloth has the advantage that besides the fast cuts the cloth is melted at the cutting edges immediately, which avoids fraying. Owing to the good possibility of automation, also complex work piece geometries and various cutting shapes can be easily generated.

            airbag modern processing


            The Key Importance of Laser Cutting for Automotive Airbags
            multilayer feeding of airbag fabrics

            Multi-layer cutting

            Simultaneous cutting of multiple layers, compared to single-layer cutting, yields increased volumes and decreased costs.

            laser cut holes on airbags

            Capable of perforation precisely

            Airbags are required to cut mounting holes. All holes processed with laser are clean and debris and discoloration free.

            clean and perfect cut edges

            Clean and perfect cutting edges

            Very high precision of laser cutting.
            Automatic edges sealing.
            No post-processing necessary.

            Additional advantages of goldenlaser's CO2 laser cutters

            Precise laser cutting and perforating in a single operation without refitting

            Automated production process with conveyor and feeding systems.

            Simple and digital processing production via PC program.

            High flexibility in processing due to various additional options.

            Variety of large-format table sizes available.

            Complete exhaust and filtering of cutting emission possible.

            Specialty CO2 laser system for cutting of airbags

            Model No.: JMCCJG-250350LD
            Laser source CO2 RF laser
            Laser power 150 watt / 300 watt / 600 watt / 800 watt
            Working area (W×L) 2500mm×3500mm (98.4” ×137.8”)
            Working table Vacuum conveyor working table
            Cutting speed 0-1,200mm/s
            Acceleration 8,000mm/s2

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