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            Laser Cutting Machine, Laser Engraving Machine, Galvo Laser Machine - Golden Laser

            Roll to Roll Flying Fabric Laser Engraving Machine

            Model No.: ZJJF(3D)-160LD


            Laser roll to roll textile fabrics engraving. 3D dynamic Galvo system, finishing continuous engraving marking in one step.“on the fly” engraving technology. Suitable for large format fabric, textile, leather, denim engraving, greatly improving fabric processing quality and added-value. 500W CO2 RF metal laser tube, fast processing speed and fine results. Automatic feeding and rewinding.

            Roll to Roll Flying Fabric Laser Engraving Machine


            3D dynamic large-format engraving and perforating technology

            Using flying engraving technology, one time engraving area can reach 1800mm without any splicing, supporting 1600mm width to unlimited length of roll fabrics engraving, loading and unloading at the same time. It is continuous automatic processing of the entire roll of fabric without the need for pauses or manual assistance.

            In suede, denim, home textile, clothing and current popular small batch, personalized fast fashion applications, Golden Laser creative engraving solution greatly enriches the craftsmanship and enhances the artistic effect.


            Golden Laser’s roll-to-roll fabric engraving system brings significant value to fabrics by means of digital creative laser engraving.

            It can do the various engraving, marking and hollowing design immediately, no need for a printing roller in advance.

            The 3D dynamic focus technology can achieve the fly engraving within 1800mm at one time.

            The feeding, rewinding and the laser engraving are carried out at the same time to ensure the continuity of the engraving graphics, and the length of the engraving can be extended indefinitely.


            Standard equipped with 500W CO2 RF metal laser generator.

            Red light positioning and intelligent feeding correcting system, ensure high speed processing with high precision.

            5" screen digital control, supporting a variety of connection ways, both offline and online operation are available.


            Suitable but not limited to suede, denim, EVA, and other fabrics and textiles.
            Applicable but not limited to fast fashion, personalized customization, textile and apparel, home textiles, carpets mats and other industries.

            Watch Roll to Roll Laser Engraving Machine for Textile in Action!

            Technical Parameters

            Laser type CO2 RF metal laser tube
            Laser power 500Watts
            Working area 1600mm×1000mm
            Working table conveyor working table
            Motion system Offline Servo control system
            Cooling system constant temperature water chiller
            Power supply AC380V±5%, 50HZ or 60HZ
            Format support AI, BMP, PLT, DXF, DST, etc.
            Standard configuration roll to roll feeding and rewinding system, auxiliary ladder, built-in control panel, blowing system

            <1> Roll to Roll Fabric Laser Engraving System ZJ(3D)-160LD

            <2> Denim Jeans Laser Engraving System ZJ(3D)-9090LD

            <3> Denim Jeans Laser Engraving System ZJ(3D)-125125LD

            <4> Galvo Laser Engraving System ZJ(3D)-9045TB

            <5> Multi-function Laser Engraving Cutting Machine ZJ(3D)-160100LD

            Roll to Roll Laser Engraving Machine Application

            Suitable for engraving, marking cutting, punching, hollowing garment fabric, home textile, denim jeans, flannel fabric, suede fabric, cloth, woolen fabric, leather, carpet, mat and more flexible textile fabric materials.

            laser engraving textile fabric

            << Read more about textile & fabrics laser engraving samples

            Laser Galvo Engraving System for Textiles Processing Industry


            Compared with traditional PRINTING or DYEING, laser has its advantage to lead in the textiles industry development.



            Added value




            Laser engraving

            Any personalized
            design, Vivid

            No need

            5-8 times

            One time process,
            Simple operation,
            No manual work

            Almost no consumable parts, free of maintenance

            No pollution

            Dyeing & Printing

            Simple and Trite

            High cost

            2 times

            Complicated process,
            Costly labor

            Expensive dyestuff and ink

            Chemical pollution

            ZJJF(3D)-160LD TEXTILES Laser Engraving System Introduction

            The Working Flow Profile (ROLLS TO ROLLS FLYING MARKING GALVO SYSTEM)

            Feeding station with auto-feeder system → 3 axis dynamic galvanometer processing station → rewinding system station

            -Auto-feeding system with automatical rectification function, ensures the feeding along with the same straight line.

            -The Patented exhaust system ensures the exhaust effect of large working size to be completely taken away the smoke.

            -Human-based design with the lift, convenient for adjusting the galvo mirror and maintenance.

            -Control panel with detailed function, no need computer control.


            How to separate apart from homogeneous competition, how to increase the added-value and improve profits, Golden Laser launched a series of fabric engraving and hollowing solution:

            Combine high-tech and traditional industries to bring personalized fashion elements;

            Flying laser engraving technology used for rolls fabric;Simple operating, no need human assistance;

            High efficient, high speed, high precision, high added-value, high ratio with price-performance and highly personalized process.

            To meet the customers’ needs, Golden Laser is leading the industry development and innovation with fast pace of innovation and humane strategy.

            fabric laser engraving machine process


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