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            Laser Cutting Machine, Laser Engraving Machine, Galvo Laser Machine - Golden Laser

            Roll to Roll Label Laser Die Cutting Machine

            Model No.: LC-350


            • On-demand production, quick response to short-run orders.
            • No waiting on new dies. No die tooling storage.
            • Bar code / QR code scanning supports automatic changeover on the fly.
            • Modular design fits customers’ individual production needs.
            • Easy installation. Support for remote installation guidance.
            • One-time investment, low maintenance cost.

            Digital Laser Die Cutting Machine

            Laser Cutting Machine for Label Converting

            The Laser Cutting & Converting System offers innovative and cost-effective solutions for processing simple and complex geometries for label finishing without the use of traditional die tools - superior part quality that cannot be replicated in the traditional die cutting process. This technology increases design flexibility, is cost efficient with high quality production capacity, minimizes material waste with very low maintenance.

            Laser Technology is the ideal dieless cutting & converting solution for just-in-time manufacturing & short-medium runs and is well suited for converting high accuracy components from flexible materials including labels, double sided adhesives, gaskets, plastics, textiles, abrasive materials, etc.

            LC350 Laser Die Cutting Machine with a single source scan head design meets most labels and digital printing applications.

            Some of the common applications include:


            Adhesive Tapes

            Reflective Films



            Industrial Tapes



            Main Technical Parameter of the LC350 Laser Die Cutting Machine for Label Finishing
            Laser type CO2 RF metal laser
            Laser power 150W / 300W / 600W
            Max. cutting width 350mm / 13.7”
            Max. cutting length Unlimited
            Max. width of feeding 370mm / 14.5”
            Max. web diameter 750mm / 29.5”
            Max. web speed 0-80m/min (Speed varies depending on material and cutting pattern)
            Accuracy ±0.1mm
            Power supply 380V 50/60Hz??3 phases

            Machine Features

            LC350 Laser Die Cutting Machine Standard Configuration:

            Unwinding + Web Guide + Laser Cutting + Waste Removal + Single Rewinding

            The laser system is equipped with?150 watt, 300 watt or 600 watt CO2 RF laser and?ScanLab galvanometer scanners with dynamic focus?covering 350×350 mm processing field.

            Using high-speed galvanometer laser?cutting?on the fly, LC350 standard with unwinding, rewinding and waste removal units, the laser system can achieve continuous and automatic laser cutting for labels.

            Web Guide is equipped to make the unwinding more precise, thus ensuring the accuracy of laser cutting.

            Maximum cutting speed is up to 80 m/min (for single laser source), maximum web width 350 mm.

            Capable of cutting ultra-long labels up to 2 meters.

            Available options with varnishing, lamination,?slitting?and dual rewind units.

            System is provided with Goldenlaser patent controller including software and user interface.

            The laser die cutting machine is available with single laser source, double laser source or multi laser source.

            Goldenlaser is also offering?Compact Laser Die Cutting System?LC230?with 230 mm web width.

            QR Code Reader allows automatic changeover. With this option, the machine is capable of processing multiple jobs in one step, change cut configurations (cut profile and speed) on the fly.

            Cutting continuously

            Minimize the waste of material

            The best partner of digital printers

            Laser Die Cutting Machine - Automatic changeover of cutting speed and cut profile or pattern on the fly.

            What are the benefits of laser die cutting of labels?

            Quick turnaround

            Save time, cost and materials

            No limitation of patterns

            Automation of the whole process

            Wide range of application materials

            Modular design for multi-function

            Cutting accuracy is up to ±0.1mm

            Expandable dual lasers with cutting speed up to 90 m/min

            Kiss cutting, full cutting, perforation, engraving, marking…


            Modular finishing systems available to meet your individual requirements.

            The laser cutting machine has the flexibility to be customized with different converting options to enhance your products and provide efficiency to your production line.

            Modular design
            UV Varnishing

            UV Varnishing





            Semi-rotary die cutting

            Semi-rotary die cutting



            SOME OF SAMPLES

            Awesome Works That the Laser Die Cutting Machine Contributed To.

            Technical Parameters of?LC350 Laser Die Cutting Machine

            Model No. LC350
            Laser type CO2 RF metal laser
            Laser power 150W / 300W / 600W
            Max. cutting width 350mm / 13.7”
            Max. cutting length Unlimited
            Max. width of feeding 370mm / 14.5”
            Max. web diameter 750mm / 29.5”
            Max web speed 0-80m/min (Speed varies depending on material and cutting pattern)
            Accuracy ±0.1mm
            Dimensions L 3580 x W 2200 x H 1950 (mm)
            Weight 3000Kg
            Power supply 380V 3 phases 50/60Hz
            Water chiller power 1.2KW-3KW
            Exhaust system power 1.2KW-3KW

            ***?Note: As products are constantly updated, please?contact us?for the latest specifications.?***

            Goldenlaser’s Typical Models of Digital Laser Die Cutting Machines

            Model No.



            Max. cutting width

            350mm / 13.7″

            230mm / 9″

            Max. cutting length


            Max. width of feeding

            370mm / 14.5”

            240mm / 9.4”

            Max. web diameter

            750mm / 29.5″

            400mm / 15.7″

            Max. web speed



            Speed varies depending on material and cutting pattern

            Laser type

            CO2 RF metal laser

            Laser power

            150W / 300W / 600W

            100W / 150W / 300W

            Standard function

            Full cutting, kiss cutting (half cutting), perforation, engraving, marking, etc.

            Optional function

            Lamination, UV varnish, slitting, etc.

            Processing materials

            Plastic film, paper, glossy paper, matt paper, polyester, polypropylene, BOPP, plastic, film, polyimide, reflective tapes, etc.

            Software support format

            AI, BMP, PLT, DXF, DST

            Power supply

            380V 50HZ / 60HZ ?Three phase

            Laser Converting Application?

            Common materials used for the laser die cutting machines include :

            Paper, plastic film, glossy paper, matt paper, synthetic paper, cardboard, polyester, polypropylene (PP), PU, PET, BOPP, plastic, film,?microfinishing film,?etc.

            Common applications for the laser die cutting machines include :

            • Labels
            • Adhesive Labels and Tapes
            • Reflective Tapes / Retro Reflective films
            • Industrial Tapes
            • Decals / Stickers
            • Abrasives
            • Gaskets

            labels tapes

            Laser UNIQUE Advantages for Roll to Roll Sticker Labels Cutting

            - Stability and Reliability
            Sealed Co2 RF laser source, the quality of cut is always perfect and constant over time with low cost of maintenance.
            - High Speed
            The Galvanometric system allows the bean to move very quickly, perfectly focalized on the entire working area.
            - High Precision
            The innovative Label Positioning System controls the web position on the X and Y axis. This device guarantees a cutting precision within 20 micron even cutting labels with an irregular gap.
            -?Extremely Versatile
            The machine is very appreciated by label producers as it can create a huge variety of labels, in a single high speed process.
            - Suitable to work a wide range of material
            Glossy paper, matt paper, cardboard, polyester, polypropylene, polyimide, polymeric film synthetic, etc.
            - Suitable for different kinds of work
            Die cutting any kind of shape – cutting and kiss cutting – perforating – micro perforating – engraving
            - No limitation of cutting design
            You can cut different design with laser machine, no matter the shape or the size
            -Minimal Material Waste
            Laser cutting is non-contact heat process. tt is with slim laser beam. It will not cause any waste about your materials.
            -Save your production cost & maintenance cost
            Laser cutting no need mold/knife, no need to make mold for different design. Laser cut will save you a lot of production cost; and laser machine has long using life, without mold replacement cost.

            machanical die cutting VS laser cutting labels

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